Learn the Spanish language and culture in an authentic and original human environment:


  • Strong and wild nature with clean mountain air and clean sea water.
  • A historic town full of art.
  • Welcoming, familiar and warm Galician people.



Learn Spanish…

With sea people.

  • We are in a fishing town of 10,000 inhabitants. A town closely related to the culture of the sea. A Place of sailors, and with direct sustainable exploitation of seafood products.
  • Galician people have a special character due to their welcoming capacity, their familiarity, their special way of sharing and making you feel special. A culture with enormous culinary variety.

Sea and mountain together and intact

  • This is a place with an authentic natural environment, preserved and rich in sea species and vegetation.
  • Pobra do Caramiñal was elected by the readers of the newspaper La voz de Galicia as the most beautiful village in Galicia, as it combines sea and mountains in a small space.
  • The region where we are, the Barbanza, is a peninsula whose center is full of mountains surrounded by a wide wild coastline with unspoiled beaches.

With Art, History and Prehistory

  • A very rich variety of artistic monuments with extraordinary examples of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque.
  • The central mountains with a large number of dolmens and petroglyphs.
  • And with hiking trails in the middle of wild and free vegetation.

With Literature

  • Pobra do Caramiñal is the place loved by Valle-Inclán, where he wrote part of his literary works and whose natural and human environment was for him a source of inspiration.
  • Enjoy our literary routes of our area: Rosalía de Castro’s Route, Camilo José Cela’s Route and Torrente Ballester’s Route.