Semi-Individual 1 Week


  • 1 week.
  • Total 10 hours.
  • 22€ hour.
  • Semi-individual Course /Max.3 3 students.
  • Courses always start on a Monday.



  • Number: Maximum 3 students.
  • Level: All levels.
  • Start: They always start on Mondays.
  • Classes per week: 10 classes.
  • Duration per class: 50 minutes.
  • Course duration: 10 hours.


2 hours a day of learning Spanish with communicative activities practising the 4 linguistic competences: oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension and written expression. Special attention to the linguistic field that the student wishes to explore: business Spanish, exams, Spanish culture, literature, sports, diplomacy and politics, cooking, music, ecology, etc.


Our Methodology is based on communicative skills and real life situations.

The student is the center and engine of learning, producing at all times Spanish language applied to a specific task.
All through a natural communicative way of learning, which inserts you step by step in real communicative environments where there is always a task to carry out.

Combination of 4 communicative skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

The point consists on communication and interaction of the 4 basic skills in Spanish.

Learn Spanish language through communicative and interactive activities and exercises.

You will acquire Grammar and Vocabulary from real communicative situations. You will produce real language and at the same time you will retain grammatical structures and vocabulary, and always interacting with another person.

Conversation class ...

Conversation class, so you will be practicing Spanish by interacting and talking.

Learn Spanish language by experiencing the language in its different cultural and social contexts.

We offer you classes according to your interests: culture, literature, sports (in an area frequented by surfers), cooking, anthropology, music, archeology, folklore, art, prehistory and ancestral religions, fishing arts, etc.

Continuous assessment: progress and achievements in learning.

Continuous assessment: progress and achievements in learning.


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